PP Protects Perps

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Systemic cover up of sexual abuse by Planned Parenthood has been widely documented.

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PROTECTING BABIES: Louisiana’s governor signed a bill Wednesday that would prohibit abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards is one of the increasingly rare pro-life Democrats.

PROTECTING PROTESTERS: The District of Columbia declined to press charges again pro-life activists who refused to leave an abortion facility as part of a “Red Rose Rescue.” The protest action caused at least three women to leave the abortion facility still pregnant.

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  1. freedom1781

    Recently, I went to an arts festival in Williamsburg, VA to support a local artist friend of ours. Someone was walking around wearing a “Preborn Lives Matter” t-shirt. I saw him get a few thumbs up and smiles, which was great to see since Williamsburg is such a crazy liberal city.

    On a different note: I attended an event at The College of William and Mary a few Saturdays ago. They had protrans “genderbread” diversity posters on some of the billboards. That college has gone down the crapper just like the majority of the universities in this country. They host a sex workers workshop on campus almost every year. WTF!? I’m so glad that Thomas Jefferson is not alive to see what W&M has become. The crap that goes on at UVA would depress him even more.

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