Human Health BEGINS with Gut Health

If you’ve got an hour, this is a good video. Dr. John Bergman, D.C., talks about Leaky Gut Syndrome … what it is, what causes it, what cures it.

Interesting points I noted while watching …

  • The sympathetic part of the nervous system controls “fight or flight” while the parasympathetic part controls “rest, digest, and repair.” I’ve heard those words in the context of stress control, but didn’t really understand what they meant. It’s actually quite simple!
  • A researcher Bergman cites suggests that things like vaccines, antibiotics, pesticides, and stress, only INDIRECTLY cause problems, like autism, which are now epidemic in our culture. The DIRECT problem they cause is gut dysfunction, which in turn causes all the other stuff.
  • This makes total sense to me. There are pounds of beneficial bacteria and yeast living on the lining of a healthy gut. These probiotics interact with the Central Nervous System and also make up 80% of the human immune system. So duh … if you mess up the gut biome, you will in turn mess up your physical, mental and emotional health!

The “how to fix your gut” part starts at around 37 minutes. Includes: “Ferments at every meal.” Yeah, baby!

WOW!! Probiotic supplementation was found to dramatically reduce rehospitalizations of people who had been hospitalized due to acute mania in a small study (66 people) in Baltimore. After being discharged along with standard medication, half the group was also given a probiotic tablet to take daily with a meal or snack, while the other half was given an identical placebo tablet. Over 24 weeks, there were 8 psychiatric rehospitalizations in the probiotic group versus 24 in the placebo group.

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