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2018_05 29 Trump tweet

FAKE NEWS: The feds didn’t “lose” 1,500 illegal alien children. Their sponsors/parents/relatives did not respond or could not be reached by DHHS. These people often are illegal themselves or have other reasons for wanting to stay under the radar.

SPEAKING OF PROTECTING CHILDREN: After 8 years of the Obama administration doing everything in its power to make sure the unborn had zero legal protections at home or abroad, the Trump administration announced at the annual meeting of the World Health Organization (WHO), “We do not recognize abortion as a method of family planning, nor do we support abortion in our reproductive health assistance.”

SCOTUS SAYS NO TO PP: The Supreme Court rejected a Planned Parenthood legal challenge to an Arkansas pro-life law that requires abortion facilities to (a) follow FDA guidelines when administering abortion drugs and (b) maintain contact with a doctor who has hospital admitting privileges in case of patient emergencies. Why am I not surprised that the Arkansas law could close two PP abortion clinics?

THANK GOD FOR OUR FIRST AMENDMENT: First, the UK government banned reporters from talking about an on-going gang rape trial. Then they jailed a journalist who violated the ban. Then they banned other reporters from talking about the arrest. But it seems that the UK’s jackboot cannot stop international social media. Pressure has led to the UK government lifting the ban on reporting about the journalist’s arrest and 13 months sentence. The reporting ban on the gang rape trial still stands.

ROSEANNE: I don’t watch television (just DVDs), but I saw a clip of Roseanne’s original show once and thought it was offensive. So you’ll have to go elsewhere to follow all the DRAMA about her tweet and her firing and everybody (but me) weighing in. Twitchy is following it all.

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