Trump Haters can’t even get their Fake News on straight.

FIRST, they circulated this …. as some sort of PROOF POSITIVE of how evil President Trump is. On Saturday, Hillary advisor Zac Petkanas even accused President Trump of selling children to human traffickers.

2018_05 27 Prison bus lie

THEN, they got roasted cuz it is a FIELD TRIP bus, which the Trump Deranged would know if they had just clicked on the link before retweeting their outrage. It is outfitted with gourmet car seats (nicer than my kids had!), a wheelchair lift and “nanny cam” video coverage. The kids are buckled into their car seats by trained adults, who accompany them on their fun outings and they get to watch movies on DVD players while they’re traveling.

And also, the article is from 2016, when Obama was still in office.

  • TOP TWEET: “All it took to expose horrible treatment of immigrants during the Obama administration was for Trump to become president.”

2018_05 27 Animals tweet


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