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QUOTE OF THE DAY:  Responding to those Democrats who have been saying it was no biggie that the Obama administration placed an informant inside Trump’s campaign, conservative strategist Chris Barron said, “I assume Democrats won’t mind when the Trump administration places an informant inside the campaign of the Democratic nominee in 2020, right?”

2018_05 22 Spy vs Spy by Gorrell

OPTIMISTIC ABOUT THE ECONOMY: A new CBS News poll shows that Americans are happy and optimistic about the economy. And they credit President Trump for the upswing.

OPTIMISM ABOUT NEW JOBS:  “Optimism about the availability of good jobs has grown by 25 percentage points since Donald Trump was elected president,” according to a new Gallup survey. “

2018_05 20 Poll shows big switch

POLL SHOCK: This week’s generic poll shows a NINE point reversal over last week, putting Republicans up by 6 points.

SCHOOL SHOOTINGS: There is no epidemic in school shootings. In fact, schools today are safer now than at any time in recent memory. Four times the number of children were killed in schools in the early 1990s than today. Shooting incidents involving students have been declining since the 1990s.

EUTHANASIA: The push is on for elderly assisted suicide. And it started with the media swoon over the assisted suicide of aged scientist David Goodall in Switzerland.

CANONIZATION DATE SET: Oscar Romero and Pope Paul VI to be canonized on October 14.

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