Euthanasia in the UK

Leftists who support nationalizing ALL of our health care into one, government-run operation claim this is the only “compassionate” choice. Click “continue reading” to hear how that’s working out for the Brits, who opted for this kind of system many years ago.

2018_05 Alfie Evans

Great Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) killed Alfie Evans despite an Italian hospital offering to take him off their hands.

Officially, the NHS says euthanasia is illegal in the UK.

But it has been a well-documented fact for years that hundreds of patients die every year of starvation and thirst as part of what the NHS calls “palliative care” for those they’ve determined aren’t worth keeping alive.

Yeah, right.

“Palliative” is defined as “relieving pain without dealing with the cause of the condition.”

I can’t imagine any of these NHS thugs deciding that THEY should be left to die of THIRST.

2018_05 18 Water is a human right



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