“Straight Talk” from the President

NBC News icon Andrea Mitchell led the media-Democrat hit job about Trump allegedly calling immigrants “animals.” It’s absolutely clear from the context of his remarks that he was talking about the vicious member of the MS-13 gang. Click on MORE for two news items.

2018_05 17 Andrea Mitchel toon by Terrell

Andrea Mitchell, Media and Dems FALSELY ACCUSE Pres. Trump of Calling Immigrants ‘Animals’ — When He Was Speaking About MS-13

When President Donald Trump was asked about deporting illegal immigrant gang members, he called them “animals.”  Mitchell and others falsely said Trump called all immigrants ‘animals’, with several equating Trump to Hitler.

Donald Trump, Jr. Slams NBC’s Andrea Mitchell

A fed up Donald Trump, Jr. called out Mitchell on Twitter, “He was specifically talking about MS-13, and you know it. They are animals. I know you would rather side with them than Trump as you so often make clear but it’s a bad look for you Andrea.”


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2 responses to ““Straight Talk” from the President

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Catholic lawyer Thomas Crown said of President Trump’s ‘animals’ remark: “Calling members of one of the more brutal gangs in America ‘animals’ is indeed theologically unsound and uncharitable, but does not strike me as a sufficient reason to leave fingerprints on one’s pearls. Yes, even Hitler was imago Dei, but this particular idiom is well-worn and uncontroversial in American English, especially when applied to murderers and rapists.”

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    • I’m sure the people having the vapors over Trump calling gang members “animals” would never dream of calling Trump or any other Republican an unflattering name. For that matter, why is it an insult to call someone an animal? Aren’t animals cute and cuddly?