Sessions Is a Moral Coward and a Fraud

Border Patrol Council says Session’s DOJ is not prosecuting illegal border crossers. Click MORE to read about it.


“It’s a far cry from zero tolerance,” National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) President Brandon Judd told the Times. Judd said that 13 illegal immigrants arrested by San Diego Sector agents on Friday were not prosecuted after the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of California declined prosecution.

Border Patrol agents told the NBPC president that prosecutors are picking and choosing which cases to prosecute, claiming they do not have enough resources.  Agents said a good number of them are being turned down.

“The fear of deportation and/or prosecution is what caused the historic drop, but because both Congress and the agency didn’t follow through on President Trump’s promises, illegal immigration shot back up,” Judd told the Washington Times. “Congress failed to pass laws that would have closed loopholes in immigration laws currently being exploited, and the agency failed to implement zero-tolerance policies that would’ve ended the catch-and-release program.”

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