Scamming The System

Dozens of fake Muslim day care centers have been using taxpayer money to fund terrorists.  Democrat Congressman Ellison isn’t mad about their fraudulent theft of taxpayer money. He’s mad that they’re allegedly being “profiled.” Click on MORE to read about it.

2018_05 Muslim childcare fraud

A daycare-fraud scheme involving dozens of Minnesota daycare centers operated by Muslim immigrants from Somalia may have scammed up to $100 million from the U.S. government through bogus applications for welfare subsidies.

To make matters worse, some of that money is reportedly being used to finance radical Islamic terrorism around the world, according to a bombshell investigation by Fox 9 in Minneapolis.

Despite the damning evidence, Congressman Ellison slammed the government for investigating the crooks who are scamming taxpayers (i.e., his bosses). In a statement, Ellison said authorities should be making it easier for Somali immigrants to send money to the Middle East and North Africa.

Fox 9 reported:

“Sources in the Somali community told Fox 9 it is an open secret that starting a daycare center is a license to make money. The fraud is so widespread they said, that people buy shares of daycare businesses to get a cut of the huge public subsidies that are pouring in.”

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