Lil Buzz was a champ at the dentist today, getting an extra tooth extracted. He spent the afternoon sleeping off the drugs.

2018_05 17 Buzz tooth out

Bunny graduated from kindergarten. We’re so proud of our little autistic granddaughter, who did just GREAT in her mainstream class this year! Also, she announces at least once a day, “I can’t see with my eyes closed.” So, the x-ray vision hasn’t kicked in yet. Good to know.

Bootz has been helping Mama Buzz get the gardens looking nice.

2018_05 16 Bootz gardening

Daddy Buzz is being transferred to a new duty station this summer.

Mama Buzz is alternating between freaking out over all the work ahead and mourning all the good friends they will leave behind.

Grammy Buzz is jumping up and down with excitement because they will be FOUR THOUSAND MILES CLOSER TO HOME!

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  1. Ting

    Oh, boy! Closer is much better!

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