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Resistant Starch 101

2018_05 Bob's Red Mill Potato Starch

Resistant starch reaches the large intestine undigested, where the friendly bacteria can eat it and grow stronger and more numerous.

The friendly bacteria that eat resistant starch excrete short-chain fatty acids, such as butyrate, which is the preferred fuel of the human cells that line the colon wall.

The short-chain fatty acids that aren’t used by the cells in the colon wall can travel via the bloodstream to the liver and other parts of the body where they have various beneficial effects.

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Breaking Free

2018_05 13 Breaking Free

I read this last night in one sitting … couldn’t put it down. Today is an especially appropriate day to feature this book, because it was the power of the author’s motherly love that ultimately gave her the courage to escape.

The inside story of the FLDS cult is interesting in itself and I particularly like how the author has sought always to do God’s will and find meaning and strength in all her experiences. But the story also has left me pondering how much of her cult experiences mirror the left-wing cult-ure in our country today.

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A Tribute to Mothers

This is my homage to all the women who made us who we are. Please take 30 seconds to continue reading.  God bless all you mothers.

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