Trump is More Factual than Media Fact Checkers

Trump: “Ninety-eight percent of mass public shootings have occurred in places where guns are banned.”

HuffPo called that a lie, alleging there is no “official” definition of “mass shootings.”

The FBI defines “mass shootings” as those committed in public areas — such as schools, churches, and malls — where the intention is to kill as many people as possible and four or more victims were slain. (Obama reduced it to three and decided to include the shooter in the list of “victims”, but most experts still use the original definition.)

Media outlets called that a lie, saying sites where police or security guards are armed are not truly “gun-free zones.”

Shooters who know that only a handful of clearly identifiable, uniformed officers are armed makes things quite simple for attackers. They only need to shoot at them first. In places where guns are not banned — i.e., where concealed-handgun-permit holders may be present — are much more risky and difficult for mass shooters who may be evil, but are often not totally stupid.

Trump: “We believe in allowing highly trained teachers to carry concealed weapons.”

The Huffington Post called that a terrible idea, citing a 2005 National Research Council report.

That report reached no FORMAL conclusions about ANY of the more than 100 different types of gun-control policies it studied. (It did, however, demand the government give them more money to keep studying the subject.) HuffPo ignores the fact that, BY THE COUNCIL’S OWN ESTIMATES, concealed carry reduces murder rates.

The Huffington Post also claimed that “many” teachers were “worried [that armed teachers] would do more harm than good and lead to a lot of students being injured by accident at school.”

HuffPo ignores that fact that, for many years, teachers and staff have been allowed to conceal-carry in nineteen states. In NONE of the schools where there have been armed teachers or staff has there been either a mass public shooting or a single student harmed by a firearm.

Trump: “Your Second Amendment rights are under siege.”

CNN claimed that was a myth.

Hillary Clinton campaigned on the claim that “the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment.” There is a huge slate of proposed gun laws just waiting to be enacted if Democrats take control. And Democrats, being Democrats, would ensure those were just the beginning. Every time we give them an inch, they end up trying to grab a mile.


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