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Trump is More Factual than Media Fact Checkers

Trump: “Ninety-eight percent of mass public shootings have occurred in places where guns are banned.”

HuffPo called that a lie, alleging there is no “official” definition of “mass shootings.”

The FBI defines “mass shootings” as those committed in public areas — such as schools, churches, and malls — where the intention is to kill as many people as possible and four or more victims were slain. (Obama reduced it to three and decided to include the shooter in the list of “victims”, but most experts still use the original definition.) Continue reading

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I Think I Dated Her Once

After just a few dates, this Arizona woman got dumped.

But she was in loooove.  She sent the poor schnook 65,000 text messages, some saying things like, “Don’t ever try to leave me … I’ll kill you.”

Police warned her multiple times to leave the poor guy alone, which did absolutely no good.

When the guy’s remote surveillance system was showed her walking around inside his home, they went there to arrest her and found her taking a bath!

In the interview, she calls her stalk-tastic behavior “a journey” and that she doesn’t blame the guy for her incarceration, cuz, you know, “I love him.”

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Stop Whining Already!

Hillary Clinton Tells Australian Crowd: ‘In My Country’ There Is Fear and Rage When Women Seek Power

She’s wearing an $1100 scarf to hide the back brace.

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New Tom Steyer PAC Ad Compares Republicans to White Nationalists

This is an unintentionally hilarious indictment of Democrats by Democrats.

The ‘good’ Democratic mother was a bad mom and when she found out about the sorry job she did with her son, she doesn’t do anything productive, just whines and drinks.

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This Is the New Normal


MSNBC Host Suggests Sarah Sanders Should be Choked

On Friday, MSNBC host Nicole Wallace suggested White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders should be choked since she didn’t answer a question the way she saw fit.

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