The Senate just killed blue slips on judicial nominations

This is just as important as many other things the President is doing.

For the third time in the Trump administration, Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles E. Grassley has moved forward with a confirmation hearing for an appeals court nominee over the objections of Democratic home-state senators

Many people have bemoaned the demise of the filibuster and now the blue slip. It certainly reflects a decline in senatorial courtesy. It’s bad news for individual senators, who now have less power to scuttle nominations.

What is (was) a blue slip?

In the Senate, a blue slip is an opinion written by a Senator from the state where a federal judicial nominee resides.  Both senators from a nominee’s state are sent a blue slip in which they may submit a favorable or unfavorable opinion of a nominee. They may also choose not to return a blue slip. What was originally meant as a courtesy has been abused by some Senators to stall Trump’s nominees.

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  1. Pistol Pete

    DHS Secretary To Democratic Senator: Fighting Illegal Immigration Is Not A ‘Philosophy,’ It’s The Law
    Nielsen explained that no matter the method, the U.S. government will deport those caught in the United States illegally.

    Murray interrupted her, cutting in, “I know what your philosophy is.”

    “It’s not a philosophy!” Nielsen responded. “It’s a law Congress passed!”

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