Confirmed: Next Year’s Met Gala Theme to Mock Islam

From The Babylon Bee.

NEW YORK CITY, NY—Representatives for the Metropolitan Museum of Art confirmed Tuesday that after its annual gala’s theme successfully skewered Catholicism and Christianity this year, it would continue its edgy commentary on religion by asking attendees to wear sacrilegious outfits making a mockery of Islam next year.


Gala organizers wanted to ensure they were offending all religions equally, and not unfairly targeting Christian beliefs.

“Our theme for 2019 will be ‘Islamic Imagination,’ and we will encourage celebrities to dress up like the prophet Muhammad or one of his concubines,” a representative for the Met said in an interview Tuesday. “Mocking religion is uncharted territory for cultural influencers such as ourselves. And we’re going to continue our edgy take by absolutely slamming Islam next year.”

“It’s gonna be lit,” she added.

Celebrities from across the world have already RSVPed, with Jared Leto confirming he would come dressed up as Muhammed, and Rihanna suggesting she may come dressed up as the Koran.

At publishing time, organizers had confirmed that following years would include mockery of Hinduism and Buddhism to make sure no one felt left out.

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    Stop! Wait! They only mocked ROMAN CATHOLIC Christianity! I DEMAND we mackerel snappers get equal time to make fun of our Protestant brethren and sisterns.

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