The Top Reasons Mueller Should Go

“Not only did the federal judge strongly attack the prosecutor (which in itself is fairly rare.) But he went so far as to accuse the prosecution of outright lying. … If a federal judge (on the circuit since 1987) sees through the charade that the Office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller is putting forth to this degree, what else need be said?” – Kevin McCullough

2017_11 Mueller turkey toon by Branco

1. “Zero bias” is the reason for the Special Counsel’s office yet no one on either side believes Mueller is even remotely unbiased.

2. Every link to the “Russian Collusion” claim — from George Papadopolous, to drunken Australian secret agents, to Russian hookers, to FISA extensions — were all cooked up by people who had direct links to the Democrats, Hillary, the campaign, and/or the Clinton Foundation.

3. A year and a half of ground work by FBI/DOJ and a year of work by Mueller has produced exactly bupkis.

4. Fifteen of the 17-21 high dollar lawyers billing John Q. Taxpayer for this witch hunt have direct connections to the Democrats and the Clintons.

5. Although Mueller was empowered to investigate ALL 2016 campaign connections to Russia, the investigation somehow never even bothered following up on the sizable amount of material suggesting intricate connections between the Democrats, the Clintons and Russians.

6. The only person the Special Counsel has nabbed is a campaign manager who was fired from the Trump campaign. The charges were twelve year old and utterly unrelated to anything resembling the 2016 election.


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