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Obama Library Meme

The collapse of the Iran Deal was yet another devastating blow to Barack Obama’s so-called “legacy.” It has also spawned a new giggle-icious internet meme.

The original tweet …

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The mass shooting that didn’t happen

After a mass shooting, we always hear, “Why didn’t somebody notice?”

I always reply that it isn’t that easy to get someone to pay attention. I had a friend once who began behaving very erratically. She collected knives and had military training, so several of us tried to get someone to pay attention. It was not easy, but we finally succeeded and the woman, who had indeed suffered a psychotic break, got help before she hurt anyone other than herself. Continue reading

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Find your identity in Jesus

This is really good.

Another good piece by the same guy about how and why the LGBT movement mercilessly bullies those who choose to give up their LGBT lifestyle.


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Obama’s Iran Deal is DEAD

Hallelujah! Another Obama mess eliminated. Another promise kept. Thank you, Mr. President.

2015 Iran deal by Ramirez Continue reading

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Unmasking Robert Mueller

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) recently published a 48-page report exposing decades of corruption on the part of Robert Mueller.

Robert Mueller has a long and sordid history of illicitly targeting innocent people that is a stain upon the legacy of American jurisprudence. He lacks the judgment and credibility to lead the prosecution of anyone,” Gohmert begins.

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The Top Reasons Mueller Should Go

“Not only did the federal judge strongly attack the prosecutor (which in itself is fairly rare.) But he went so far as to accuse the prosecution of outright lying. … If a federal judge (on the circuit since 1987) sees through the charade that the Office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller is putting forth to this degree, what else need be said?” – Kevin McCullough

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Well, One, Anyway

Clinton: ‘There Are Tens of Millions of People Who Haven’t Moved on’ From 2016

“How do you deal with the disappointment that is so monumental?” Barry asked. “I mean the rest of us have disappointments from time to time, but certainly not on that scale. How do you deal with that?”
“It’s still an ongoing process; our country has not yet resolved it,” Clinton said. “People ask ‘why haven’t you moved on?’ and I say, ‘well, there are tens of millions of people who haven’t moved on because there are still so many unanswered questions.'”

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Another 10 minutes just for fun

Six riddles. (There’s a bonus one at the end). I only got the hard one right! The easy ones stumped me LOL.

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Give this 10 minutes of your day

A gf sent me the link to this because she knows I love quilts. But I think it would interest anyone who likes American history, Ken Burns documentaries, or museums.

The Quilts of Ken Burns

“Filmmaker Ken Burns has collected quilts since the 1970’s, but he’s never publicly shared his collection… until now. Burns once said, “I make films for other people; I collect quilts for myself.” In this interview with Nebraska Stories, Burns shares why he’s become a collector of this beautiful and functional art form.”


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