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A Post for No Apparent Reason

Except that I’m bored, I have a lot of leftover stuff, and Curmudgeon from Political Clown Parade named our little corner of the Garden as the featured blog of the week. It is gratifying to be recognized in one’s own lifetime, proving once again that mental illness is no longer hopeless. Continue reading

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The Five Stages of Too Much Email

2018_05 08 5 stages of too much email

I’ve been working on my email backlog for days and have only beaten it down to 172 unread. I’m giving up. As for all the stuff I didn’t read here or at Facebook … my apologies to Pete and all y’all, but I am throwing in the towel. If it happened in April, I will have to remain ignorant. Below are May Bits & Bytes from the news feeds to which I subscribe.

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What’s a Greater Leap of Faith: God or the Multiverse?

I don’t understand how any serious scientist can buy into the Multiverse theory. Energy cannot be created. How can they believe in an infinite number of energy-rich universes when they can’t explain where the energy in OUR universe came from?

As for the idea that my choice to go to one college rather than another or marry one man rather than another somehow spawned a NEW UNIVERSE is beyond ridiculous. I admit that I enjoy sci fi episodes based on the idea, but only because I like watching actors play their evil twins. I’m not dumb enough to think they’re anything but FICTION.


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Happy V-E Day

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It’s OK When They Do It

The left is populated with liars, hypocrites, welfare leeches, and deviants. Mostly hypocrites. Continue reading

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