Six More Months

Have you felt a little more pride being an American the last 1 and 1/2 years? Do you feel like you finally have a voice? Like there is a real man in the White House who puts our country first? One who doesn’t bow to dictators? Who’s not a global embarrassment? Who does not feel proud to put 40 million more souls on government assistance? Who doesn’t cause a racial crisis every time a black criminal pays the penalty for his behavior?
How about stopping the flood of illegals running across the borders? Attorneys General who would be indicted if there were any fairness in our judicial system? How about unemployment under 4 %? Or the possibility that the decades long crisis on the Korean peninsula may be finally be resolved thanks, in large part to the efforts of this president? That he left the lifestyle of a billionaire to be insulted and humiliated and suffer non-stop, ruthless attacks from half the nation just because he won an election?
Well, enjoy it, because exactly six months from today it all may end. The midterm election is November 6. If past is prologue the democrats have a real possibility of retaking the House and Nancy Pelosi once again wielding the Speaker’s gavel. If such be the fate that befalls us it will take about 10 seconds before the hateful racial hustler Maxine Waters to go dashing to the microphones to announce articles of impeachment against President Trump. It’s all they’ve focused on since the day he stunned the liberal world and upset their dreams of a socialist utopia.
That he has committed no crime is of no import. His choice of a spineless coward for AG may be a fatal mistake. He has recused himself from doing his job and the hyper partisan assistant Rod Rosenstein appointed a professional character assassin, Robert Mueller, to find anything in Trump’s past to possibly convict him of, ostensibly tied to colluding with Russians to affect an election. After a year or more of intensive scrutiny they have found nothing.
The entire investigation was a sham from the beginning, as it was the DNC and the Hillary campaign to actually DID collude with a Russian who concocted a phony dossier which they knowingly used to obtain FISA warrants to spy on anyone connected to the Trump campaign. He got General Flynn to take a plea after he bankrupted him with legal costs, in hopes he’d have some information to use against the president. That debacle is about to reach a head, as a rational judge has excoriated Mueller over his Gestapo tactics.
The left’s base are people who are prone to acts of extreme violence. We saw examples of it during the 2016 campaign when anyone suspected of being a Trump supporter was a target for vicious assaults. It happens to this day, as anybody wearing a MAGA hat can be told to leave a bar or restaurant. The media has done yeoman’s work keeping their troops whipped into a frenzy, because those given to sloth need motivation do do anything other than sit with their collective hands out.
Should the left succeed in getting a majority and somehow manage to impeach this man, it is unclear if the Senate would not go along, since there are many Republican elitists who never liked Trump interfering with their exclusive Washington clique. I have seen comments that if they try to remove this man we will take to the streets.
No, we won’t. We are governed by rational thought and I for one could not purposely harm another human being. The left do it as a mere physical exercise. They enjoy putting masks on and beating innocent people bloody just for the mere sport. They are never punished so there is no reason to fear any established law or rules of civility. If they win the midterms because too many of us stay home we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Results Matter: Three Recent, Enormous Trump Accomplishments Must Not Be Overlooked

(1) The US economy is strong and growing.

2) A stunning foreign policy breakthrough has changed the game on the Korean peninsula. After years of predictable US “stability,” which the regime in Pyongyang exploited, an unpredictable but attentive American president has shifted the calculus. If we’re not game to fight Korean War II, and I don’t think we are, then all diplomatic options are necessarily on the table.” New pressure points, American leadership, and uncertainty about Trump’s designs were major contributors to this historic moment.
3) And oh-by-the-way, the president is making good on a critical and lasting legacy promise that is quite possibly the primary reason he won the election, winning over enough dubious conservatives who were swayed by the significance of the federal judiciary. It’s true that this confirmation bonanza is only possible thanks to Harry Reid and the Democrats’ Obama-era overreach, but Trump’s White House deserves credit for prioritizing this issue — as does Mitch McConnell.

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