The stupidity of the Left’s “cultural appropriation” rage

A teen in Utah posted her prom photos on Twitter and set off a social media storm that highlighted how ridiculous the American Left has become.

2018_04 22 Prom posting

Some Asian-Americans complained that the dress was a disrespectful and exploitative example of cultural appropriation.

One guy really got his panties in a bunch, tweeting “My culture is NOT your g****mn prom dress.”

Other Asian-Americans said the criticism was silly, a view that was repeated by many people living in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, where the dress was proclaimed a victory for Chinese culture.

One tweeted, “I am very proud to have our culture recognized by people in other countries.”

Other Asians pointed out how dumb the whole idea of “cultural appropriation” is, noting that they wear Western fashions and celebrate Christmas and Halloween.

A Beijing-based writer and fashion blogger said it is rare these days to see Chinese women wearing this style dress and that, when you do, “She’s probably a waitress in a restaurant or a bride.”



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  1. Ting

    This whole idea of cultural appropriation is the biggest bunch of BS I have heard in a long, long, long time. I was talking to a girl last summer from Columbia. She is in her early 20’s. I asked her to explain it to me, because we were having a party with a taco bar and I asked her if that would be considered cultural appropriation. She laughed and said no, and went on to say it started at some of the music festivals when young starlets and models attending took to wearing feathers on their heads and the Native Americans got upset. (Or jealous, I suggested, which thank goodness also made her laugh.) I said I don’t know why people are so determined to be offended. Why can’t they just look at it as an appreciation of elements of their culture, the fun, the beauty, the food, etc.? She said she agreed, but I don’t know if she was just humoring an old lady.

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    • The anti-cultural-appropriation warriors never pick on black girls who straighten and/or bleach their hair, or Asian girls who curl their hair. They don’t pick on Indians or Russians who wear blue jeans. But let a white girl put on a dress inspired by a style that the Chinese actually appropriated from another culture, and all hell breaks loose.

      Here is the relevant point: The culture does not belong to anyone. No one is entitled to dictate to anyone else what cultural elements he/she is permitted to adopt. It’s a free country, and whoever wants to wear a dashiki or eat sushi or play the bagpipes or wear a kimono can do so, and anyone who is offended can go pound sand.

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      • Ting

        I like the way you said that!

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        • Did you really? ‘Cause I could have gone on for another paragraph or two. Whoever wants to wear dreadlocks or eat dim sum or play the French horn or wear a burqa* or listen to Mussorgsky or take a siesta or dance the hora or eat Greek yogurt or celebrate the solstice or wear a djellaba or play cricket or sing Italian opera or use a sombrero for sun protection can do so, and if some special snowflakes want to get ulcers over it, that’s their problem.
          *Not that I can imagine anyone wanting to wear a burqa, but to each her/his/their/zher own.

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      • chrissythehyphenated

        Our local Rotary Club sent a blond and blue girl to Japan where the receiving club gifted her with more than $300 worth of authentic kimono with all the appropriate undergarments and foot gear. They were tickled pink that she LOVED the gift and was eager to show it off for them.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I just saw an ad for “Cultural Appreciation Day … because cultural appropriation doesn’t really exist.” Great idea!

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      • Good column by Jonah Goldberg: Cultural Appropriation Outrage Shows People Are Desperate to Be Offended

        “Without cultural appropriation, American blacks would never have picked up European musical instruments to create the blues and jazz. Without cultural appropriation, white and black artists alike would never have spun these wonderful creations into rock and roll.

        “Nearly every meal you’ve ever eaten is the byproduct of centuries of cultural appropriation, to one extent or another. This column is written in English, a language that contains hundreds of thousands of words appropriated from other tongues. Just under two-thirds of our language derives from Latin or French. About a quarter is Germanic in origin. And about a sixth comes from Greek, Arabic and other languages. Christianity was a Middle Eastern religion “appropriated” by Europeans.

        “Cultural appropriation manifested itself in every society and civilization since the concepts of society and civilization were born. We are living through the greatest period of poverty alleviation in all of human history right now because countries in Asia and Africa have appropriated many economic policies and practices — free markets, property rights, etc. — that began as quirky artifacts of English and Dutch culture.”

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