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Checking in with Los Feliz

Los Feliz Daycare (motto: “We do not accept immunized children”) is an ultra-progressive child care center in an unspecified affluent neighborhood on the left coast. Some recent tweets:

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Crawling out from under AGAIN

2018_05 01 How my life is going

3rd time since April began. LOTS of hubby-in-the-hospital stress and my-body-being-my-body stress, then WHAM, I got Dearest’s cold, which was way worse for me than him, I’m guessing because I was just so run down already.

Anyway, his is just a cold that’s still hanging on a bit, but he only spent 1 day in bed. I’ve got full blown croup that kept me flat on my back for 6 days in a row and mostly on the couch for the past 3 days. I’m still barking like a seal and get tired quickly, but walked the dog twice so maybe I’m really on the mend.

My email boxes are so jammed and I’m behind with everything. ::sigh::  I have (mostly) got the dishes caught up, got caught up with Netflix and online library account, and made an appearance at the Facebook board where I’m an Administrator.  I still need to stick my nose into my 2 other groups so they know I am alive then … cringe … face down my 250 emails.

I really REALLY hope May is better but it’s not looking too good on the calendar. Building season is in full swing, so Dearest is really busy with work. He goes for his 2d eye lens replacement tomorrow, then the follow-up the next day.  It’s 2 hours away, so those are both all day events. Then, he has to take me to my doctor’s appointment on Friday, shortly after which he is leaving with this year’s batch of Rotary exchange kids for a tour of Boston over the week-end. The following weekend, he is boss of the Republican’s chicken BBQ fund raiser, a massive undertaking he does once or twice a year. Then the week after that, he goes back into the hospital for his second heart ablation procedure.

If his docs clear him for air travel, he’s going to the baptism of our seventh grandchild the first weekend in June. She’s due to make her grand entrance any minute now. We are SO excited!

His nephew is also graduating from high school this month. His family is super close, so normally we wouldn’t dream of missing a milestone event, but we’re both feeling frazzled just LOOKING at his calendar and think he needs to beg off. He’ll see them during the Boston trip anyway. Oh wait. I’m in charge of the gift and card. I need to get cracking!

Thankfully, he’s got a nice date night planned for my upcoming birthday. I’m going to absolutely insist he unplug all the phones so we can have at least one evening just for us.


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May Day! May Day!

Just kidding. Had to come up with something relative to the first of May.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced yesterday that the IDF had loads of evidence that (gasp) Iran lied about stopping their nuclear program with that joke the Democrats called the “Iran deal”. The Ayatollah, along with every other leader in the world, knew what the leftists and the slobbering press refused to see or accept. That Barry was an imbecilic phony who got by his entire life having things done for him because an African polygamist got a liberal white tramp to open her legs. For eight years all he had to show was his hostile takeover of the nation’s health system. With time running out he needed something to show as a “legacy”. The deal he struck was simple: Give the lying terrorist regime everything they wanted for them to sign a worthless piece of paper so he could do his Neville Chamberlain act. Continue reading


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