Redneck Ridiculousity

Don’t even know if that’s a word.
Took the snow tires off my car this last week. Started raining yesterday,overnight turned to rain/freezing rain/snow.
Durned if ya do, durned if ya don’t.
Miss Isabel’s confirmation is today. Nothing short of a typhoon coming out of Lake Michigan will keep us from being there.
No time to look up any news items, so here’s some redneck humor.


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3 responses to “Redneck Ridiculousity

  1. Cold toilet: Not only clean socks, but no holes in ’em!

    “Should I tell him” tie-down makes me think alcohol may have been involved.

    Great collection Pete. Pretty sure some of those folks are my neighbors. Not the good neighbors next door, the ones down the road a piece.

    Sent the redneck pacifier poster to my son (to my grandson’s dad I should say).

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  2. Ting

    Our refrigerator usually has blood worms in it, when we are at the beach. They are in a plastic cup, and they freak me out every time I open that door. Not because I’m scared of worms, but I can’t get used to seeing them in the fridge. I guess it’s part of being at the beach with avid fishermen.

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    • One of my best friends was married to a guy who carved birds for a living, and he collected dead birds in their freezer. I guess he used them as models or something. She was used to it, but it freaked me out to find a dead indigo bunting in their freezer.

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