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2018_04 05 WH in bloom

JOB GAINS: Since Trump took office, unemployment has declined in every major demographic group, but the greatest drop has been for Americans with disabilities, a demographic that typically has a higher jobless rate than the average citizen.

CATCH AND RELEASE: President Donald J. Trump has signed a Presidential Memorandum that takes important steps to end “catch and release,” a dangerous practice whereby those who have violated our Nation’s immigration laws are released into the United States shortly after their apprehension.

EX-FEMINIST: A feminist comes to terms with the Men’s Rights movement: “We have to stop expecting to be offended.” This is an amazing talk and WELL WORTH YOUR TIME! My favorite line: “No one will ever listen to you more than someone who transcribes your words. You should write that down.”

FACEBOOK CEO:  Zuckerburg talks about Facebook “as if he’s running a kindly charity – his customers are ‘the community’, and all he does is ‘connect’ them, a word that means harvesting your personal information as Planned Parenthood harvests your body parts. Streamlining traditional business models by discreetly transforming the customer into the product has proved infinitely more lucrative than making widgets.”

PRAGER U: As the Rich Get Richer, the Poor Get Richer

PRAGER U: Alejandro Chafuen of The Acton Institute conducted a study of think tank and other organizations that promote a free economy on such popular social-media platforms as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. He found PragerU the undisputed leader in short educational videos with over 340 million views on YouTube.

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