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Former members of the ‘Deep State,’ have formed a supergroup to expose illegal government surveillance and support President Donald Trump.

Deep State Whistleblowers Form Group to Support President Trump [3:14]

The founder says JTFMAGA is also encouraging other members of the Deep State to come forward.



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Blasphemy for Dessert?

A Canadian ice-cream chain named “Sweet Jesus” peddles soft-serve ice cream topped with loads of blasphemy.

2018_03 24 Sweet Jesus ad - bunny girl

It already has 19 stores in Canada and plans to open multiple new stores in the U.S.

2018_03 24 Sweet Jesus ad - pirate

Its name and flashy advertisements not only mock the Christian faith, but also include Satanic symbols.

2018_03 24 Sweet Jesus ad - Satanic

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Bits & Bytes

2018_03 23 Trump tweet

SOMETHING ELSE TO HATE ABOUT THE BUDGET: The new Congressional budget ALSO does not include the Conscience Protection Act that would have protected health care professionals from being forced to participate in abortions or other objectionable health procedures.

SOMETHING ELSE TO HATE ABOUT THE BUDGET, PART TWO: Multiple Department of Veterans Affairs reforms were removed from the sh***y spending bill Congress just dumped on us.

ANOTHER REASON TO NOT SIT AT HOME AND LET DEMOCRATS OWN CONGRESS: “If you value religious education or life’s sanctity, you’re not welcome in the party,” writes Cardinal Timothy Dolan, in “The Democrats Abandon Catholics” in today’s Wall Street Journal.

2018_03 21 Broward Cty clear backpacks

Foul-mouthed activist, David Hogg, who HATES the NRA and wants to disarm America, is MUY PISSED about Broward County’s plan to require clear backpacks. Cuz, you know, the CONSTITUTION and PRIVACY. Or something.

SCHOOL SHOOTINGS: Meanwhile, Henderson County, North Carolina, is taking another tack. They are going to hire armed security guards for every public school.

GOOD NEWS from FORTY DAYS FOR LIFE: Yesterday, after talking with a pro-life counselor and doing some research on the internet, a pregnant mom canceled her abortion appointment and demanded her deposit back! Thank you, God!!

NEW NSA ADVISER: President Trump announced that John Bolton will replace H.R. McMaster as national security adviser. Unsurprisingly, the Left immediately began shrieking NAZI! RACIST!! RUSSIA LOVER!!!

YOU GO, GIRL! Christina Hagan is the youngest female Republican to ever serve in the Ohio Legislature, and now she’s running for Congress. She also just found out that she’s pregnant with twins. The due date? November 6, which is Election Day. “When I was in the state legislature I was actually debating pro-life issues and I could feel my first child hiccuping in-utero,” Hagan remembers. “You know that child is separate, unique, and distinct from you because you can’t hiccup for the baby.”

STILTON: After hearing that “60 Minutes” plans to run an interview with alleged Trump mattress Stormy Daniels, we tried to make up a joke about “what’s the difference between a journalist and a porn star?” Unfortunately, we had to drop it when we realized there is no difference anymore.

Still, we’re covering Ms. Daniels (which is more than she does most of the time), plus taking an in depth look at Joe Biden’s latest threat to beat the hell out of the President of the United States in a bare-knuckle brawl.

So why are you still reading this instead of hurrying straight to Stilton’s Place?


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Jonestown II

If the Republican party had a death wish, they accomplished it yesterday. They passed a horrific omnibus spending bill much to the delight of the Democrats. The bill was over 2300 pages and they were given less than a day to read it. Most of them leave the reading of legislation to their staff, as they can’t be bothered with such triflings. 90 Republicans voted against the bill, along with 77 Democrats. Did you get that? More Republicans opposed this spending orgy than the Dems did. As in Jonestown, most drank the Kool-aid willingly, while some had to be forced. The Democrats only need to pick up 23 seats in November to take back the majority. According to Rasmussen, there are at least that many Republican seats in serious peril, plus more than 20 that are leaning Republican or tossups. The Republicans got some additional military spending, to try to counter the slashing Obama did during his reign of terror.

RYAN-PELOSI UNIPARTY Easily Passes Record $1.3 Trillion Omnibus That Spits in Face of GOP Voters

Meadows pointed out the giant flaws of the plan:

– Record spending levels
– No wall/border security
– Obamacare intact
– Funds Planned Parenthood
– Sanctuary Cities funded
– Barely 24 hours to read a 2,300 page bill

[CtH: Dear Lord,  We are very disappointed by the “business as usual” budget vote that the Republocrats passed. Please move those of us who care about having a small government OF the PEOPLE, FOR the PEOPLE, and BY the PEOPLE to work our butts off booting out the Elitist Big Government Republicans who work hand-in-glove with the Elitist Big Government Democrats and replacing them with Populist Republicans who will actually run the country the way most of us want it run. Amen.]

Michael Mukasey told the press yesterday that Trump will sign the spending bill. He has to. If the government were to shut down he would be eviscerated by the left. Bill Clinton got away with shutting down the government by blaming Newt Gingrich. Obama got away with it because he was never blamed for anything. The time for him to act would have been long before now. Now it’s too late.

10 ways the GOP sold you out in the omnibus spending bill

How ironic that Republicans will pass what is likely to be their last major bill before losing Congress by violating their pledge to America in 2010, when they captured Congress, promising to post all legislation for 72 hours before a vote.

Taken in totality, this bill validates, legitimizes, and codifies the world view of the Democrats, only with slightly less enthusiasm. Which is why the Democrats are crushing Republicans in turnout so far this election season. This bill will essentially end Republican control of Congress.

[CtH: My fellow Republicans: LETTING DEMOCRATS TAKE OVER IS TOTALLY THE WRONG WAY TO FIX CONGRESS! Everybody is saying how the Democrats are cheering this budget. So duhhhhhhhh … how the heck would giving them majority control help?! We need to chuck out the ELITIST REPUBLICANS who LIE to our faces every campaign season (remember John McCain on Obamacare?!) and replace them with POPULIST REPUBLICANS who actually believe in the small government principles the GOP keeps telling us about every campaign season.]

Exclusive–Rep. Paul Gosar: Omnibus Is Christmas in the Spring for Liberals and Special Interests

Sadly, the bill contains many more provisions that run counter to the conservative principles that we as Republicans were elected to implement. For example, the Omnibus includes provision inserted by liberal California Senator Dianne Feinstein which blocks a 56 million-ton sand and gravel mine from opening in the Soledad Canyon in California despite two contracts being competitively awarded to a company that has already invested $40 million. This amounts to nothing more than a land grab.

Naturally, the democrats didn’t try to hide their glee.

Pelosi and Schumer Cheer Paul Ryan’s Omnibus: “We Were Able to Accomplish More Than When We Held Majority”

“I think one of the reasons they rushed it through they didn’t want their colleagues to see what was in the bill.” It was a great day for Democrats.

They get to blow more cash on the pet projects and illegal aliens — and Trump does not get his border wall.

You can be sure the Democrat Congress WILL NEVER return the favor when they take over Congress next year.

Schumer: Spending deal brings end to ‘era of austerity’

‘We Democrats are really happy with what we were able to accomplish’

According to Schmuck, America has suffered 10 years of austerity. That’s coming to an end. Democrats are totally convinced that government spending is the key to economic growth.

“We Democrats are really happy with what we were able to accomplish on a number of priorities that Democrats have fought for all along – infrastructure, education, opioid relief, and more,” Mr. Schumer said of the spending bill.

“At the end of the day, as the minority party, we feel good about being able to succeed in so many ways,” he said. “We don’t have the House. We don’t have the Senate. We don’t have the presidency. But we produced a darn good bill for the priorities that we have believed in.”

For the life of me I don’t understand why the Republicans are so generous to the Democrats. Their generosity is never reciprocated. Dems take and take and take and give nothing. It’s what defines them. When they take control in January you can be sure Republicans will be locked out of committees, will not be allowed to offer any legislation, and will have Pelosi’s foot on their necks from day one. Maxine Waters has probably already written a draft of the impeachment articles she will present about 10 minutes after they’re gaveled into session. They never even put up a fight.

[CtH: Read Laura Ingraham’s Billionaire at the Barricades: The Populist Revolution from Reagan to Trump. She explains it.]

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Bits & Bytes

Remember way back when global warming pundits assured us that snow would be a distant memory by now? The latest “official word” from them now is that global warming is responsible for all the snow. Heh.  Photo: Rose Garden March 21, 2018.

2018_03 21 Rose Garden photo

ECONOMY: Pew Research Center says 53% of Americans currently rate the economy good to excellent. This is the highest in some 18 years.

PROTECTING CRIMINALS: U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi believes San Franciscans are all SAFER because of the city’s sanctuary policy. Last month, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf warned illegals that ICE was about to do a round-up in the bay area, resulting in 800 illegals avoiding arrest. Since then, three have already gone on to commit new crimes.

IT WAS OKAY WHEN BARACK DID IT: Lefties have been shrieking about President Trump calling Vladimir Putin to congratulate him on winning re-election. The last time Putin won re-election, then-President Obama called to congratulate him.

STUPID RUNS IN THE FAMILY: Hunter Biden, the younger son of Vice President Joe Biden, failed a drug test for cocaine, one month after his commissioning into the Navy Reserve. He has been discharged.

PRO-ABORTS LOSE: Democrat voters in Illinois’ third congressional district narrowly re-elected pro-life Democrat Lipinski 51-49. This, despite the millions of dollars pro-abortion groups — like NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and Emily’s List — poured into his radical pro-abortion opponent’s campaign.

SEX CRIMES: The U.S. Senate voted 97-2 to approve a bill to crack down on sex trafficking. The legislation makes it a crime to operate a facility such as an internet platform with the intent to promote prostitution.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Rep. Bob Gibbs (R-OH) explains that President Trump’s infrastructure plan “takes on the mountain of regulatory hurdles that slow down the projects critical for improving and maintaining our national infrastructure.”

CANADIANS USED TO BE SO NICE:  Throughout Ontario, Canada’s public school, child sex ed curriculum, there is no mention of love or marriage. Instead the curriculum teaches …

… 1st graders to “identify body parts, including genitalia (e.g., penis, testicles, vagina, vulva)”;
… 3rd graders that gender is fluid and same sex parents are normal;
… 5th graders that gender identity and sexual orientation are not under one’s control;
… 6th graders how to masturbate and encouraging them to try it;
… 7th graders about anal and oral sex and that anything that “gives you pleasure” is okay;
… 8th graders to make a ‘personal plan’ for their sexual activity.

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CODEPINK demands JROTC removal from High Schools

JROTC: What is it like?

CODEPINK — who knew THEY were still around? — is demanding the end to the JROTC program in schools, all in the name of saving children from gun violence.

Yeah. That makes total sense. Not.

During the slaughter at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, several of the Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps cadets acted heroically to save the lives of their classmates.

Three of them, Cadets Peter Wang (15), Alaina Petty (14) and Martin Duque (13), were gunned down during their rescue efforts and were accorded various military honors when they were laid to rest.

Push back against CODEPINK has been strong, particularly from parents whose children have benefited from JROTC programs.




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Getting Old Stinks

A policeman came across an old man sitting on a bench, sobbing.
Cop: What’s the matter, buddy?
Old man: I’ve got so many troubles I don’t know what to do!
Cop: Well, tell me about it. Maybe it’ll make you feel better.
Old man: I was married to my wife for 48 years. She passed away last year. A few months ago I met a beautiful 25 year old blonde. We moved in together and we have wild sex twice a day.
Cop: That’s doesn’t sound bad at all. What’s the problem?
Old man: I can’t remember where we live!

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2d Amendment 1; Gun Control Laws 0

GUN CONTROL criminals

The latest school shooting was over in less than a minute because a legally armed school resource officer fired off a shot at the illegally armed 17-year-old shooter.

  • Two students were wounded.
  • Their attacker is dead.

Predictably, Democrats are calling for more gun laws.

But it was ALREADY ILLEGAL for this young man to possess a handgun at all, never mind take it into his school and shoot at fellow students.

Meanwhile, the legally armed hero who prevented a potential massacre is a six-year military veteran with SWAT team training.

In other news, the Austin bomber is dead. There is still some concern that more bombs may have been mailed, so folks in the area still need to be vigilant.  Mama the Hyphenated is muy relieved, since some of her folks live and work in the area.


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How busy hands can alter our brain chemistry

Some researchers think busy hands may be key to making our brains very happy.

“When we engage in activities, we change the neurochemistry of our brain,” said Kelly Lambert, a neuroscientist at the University of Richmond.

In the 19th century doctors used to prescribe knitting to women who were overwrought with anxiety, “because they sensed that it calmed them down some. And it sounds, ‘Oh, that’s simplistic.’ But when you think about, OK, repetitive movement is increasing certain neurochemicals. And then if you produce something — a hat or a scarf — there’s the reward.”

Speaking of busy hands, one of the things I really enjoy is making miniatures, like “Grammy’s Easter Workshop”, which is traveling to Texas on Friday. I’m hoping it will become a cherished part of the Texas Grandkids’ annual Easter celebrations.

March 21, 2018: This is going to Texas on Friday.

Posted by Chrissy Bravo-Cullen on Wednesday, March 21, 2018

“Busy hands” hobbies are becoming more important in our culture. Between 1980 and 2015, jobs requiring social and analytical skills — desk jobs — increased 94%, while jobs requiring physical skills went up a mere 12%.

And that has Kelly Lambert concerned: “We just sit there. And we press buttons. And you start to lose a sense of control over your environment.”

She’s been using rodents to study the hand-brain connection. Lambert said that rats made to dig for a reward showed greater signs of mental health, when compared to what she calls her “trust fund rats,” who got a pass on doing any physical work.

“So, when we took an animal that was really in tune with the environment and we just gave them their rewards, without having to work for them, their stress hormones went up high — they lost all their benefits,” she said.

Through the years, I’ve learned that, if I don’t have a “busy hands” project going, I get crabby. When I was a kid, I loved messing around at my dad’s work bench. One of my favorite Christmas presents EVER was a kid-sized, ALL PINK chest of wood working tools! When I got older, my folks got me a sewing machine.

I’ve had a pretty hard life, what with PTSD and various health problems. But I can honestly say that, besides my faith, it’s been keeping my hands busy that has kept me the most sane and balanced. Besides sewing, carpentry and building miniatures, I’ve enjoyed painting, drawing, sculpting, stained glass, stonework, gardening, beading, making jewelry, and keeping tropical fish. I tried knitting once upon a time, but found I prefer crocheting, which is my current passion.

When I read the article linked below, I couldn’t help thinking of all the angry young people demanding this, that, and the other. Methinks it would be a really good idea if our kids spent a whole lot LESS time pushing buttons and a whole lot MORE time making and building real stuff with their own hands.

2018_03 21 Busy hands


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They Wanted it… They Got It

I have a gun because I can’t throw a rock at 2200 feet per second.

During the Obama reign of terror, the republicans passed a bill to repeal Obamacare seven times. This, of course, was just for effect, since there’s no way it was going anywhere while the Nubian Nightmare was in the White House.

“Give us a Senate majority!” they cried.

They got it.

“Give us a Republican president” they whined.

On January 20, 2017, Donald J. Trump, a Republican, was inaugurated. It is now March 21, 2018. Obamacare is still the law of the land. ‘Repeal and replace’ went back and forth for an entire year. To be voted down, the Democrats needed three Republican senators. It was the usual suspects — Collins, Graham, McCain, Rand Paul, and Jeff Flake.

Now the bill has come due. Either the republicans get $30 million to subsidize the Obamacare providers or the premiums will need to skyrocket. The GOP doesn’t want any money paying for abortions. The democrats are laughing their hineys off. We passed it, but now you own it!

Think about all the voters getting notice that their premiums are shooting up in September, just before the midterms. It doesn’t look too promising for the republican party. The sad part is that they don’t appear to really care about becoming the minority again. If that happens the president will have no support whatsoever in Washington.

It’s as If They Want to Lose in November… Republican Leaders to Fund Billions to Obamacare Markets in Latest Spending Bill

Last week treasonous #NeverTrump Senator Jeff Flake told a New Hampshire audience that maybe the Republican Party does not deserve to lead.


Now this…

Speaker Paul Ryan is set to pass the second largest spending bill in US history next to Barack Obama’s trillion dollar failed stimulus. The budget funds all of the Democrat priorities, but will unlikely fund the Trump border wall.

The bill will also funnel billions of dollars to Obamacare markets.
It is almost as if they don’t want to win the majority again in 2018. Being in the majority takes away one of Congressional GOP leaders’ favorite excuses for screwing over their constituents back home.


Mark Meadows on Omnibus Bill: ‘Senate Democrats Seem to Be Calling Most of the Shots’

Multiple lawmakers suggested this week that the House will vote on the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill on Thursday. Congress needs to pass the spending bill before midnight Friday to avoid a government shutdown.

House first asked Meadows why House Republican leadership has yet to release the bill text days before Congress has to vote on it.

Meadows argued that the “Senate Democrats seem to be calling most of the shots.”

U.S. Supreme Court rules Arizona can’t deny ‘dreamers’ driver’s licenses

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected the last-ditch plea by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to uphold a 2012 executive order by then-Gov. Jan Brewer to deny driver’s licenses to DACA recipients, an order current Gov. Doug Ducey has left in place.

The justices gave no reason for their ruling.

Illegal Aliens ‘Immune From Prosecution for Identity Theft,’ Story Shows

“According to a Treasury Department report, from 2011 to 2016, the IRS detected 1.3 million cases of identity theft perpetrated by illegal aliens, but they couldn’t cite a single case that was referred for prosecution. Not one.”

“And, what we have here, Tucker, is a long-term policy, I believe, by the IRS simply to ignore it, because they want the tax money paid by people.”

Minneapolis Police Officer Mohamed Noor Charged With Murder Of Justine Damond

Somali-American police officer Mohamed Noor shot Aussie Justine Damond dead in July of 2017.


Noor’s partner was described as “stunned” by the shooting.

CBS Minneapolis reported that Damond “made the 911 call and was speaking to police officers Saturday night. They were near the alley when the officer in the passenger seat reached across and shot her. A cell phone was found near Damond’s body.”

2 Republican senators suggest they’d support impeaching Trump if he fired Mueller

Lindsey Graham and Jeff Flake both broached the prospect of impeachment on Tuesday.

Graham and Flake’s commitments to this position were hardly rock-solid and may well not be shared by very many other Republicans in the Senate (or the House of Representatives, which is where the impeachment process would have to begin). Still, the statements are a significant warning to Trump from two members of his own party about how Mueller’s dismissal could end for him.




[CtH: Nice! LOL Reminds me of Orthodox Easter of 1972, when I was in Moscow. We went for a stroll around Red Square before bed and, as we were coming out, we saw a tall office building right across the street that had its windows lit in the shape of a cross! I’ve always wondered if anyone got shipped off to a gulag for doing that.]



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