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Religions are not equal

Jesus vs Easter Bunny

Religions are not the same and they’re not equal. Some religions are morally, theologically and philosophically superior to others, and Christianity is the best.

Why? Because it is the only religion that does not ignore or skirt the issue of suffering. Indeed, terrible suffering is at the very heart of our religion.

Other religions skirt the issue of suffering. Materialists teach people to indulge themselves in whatever gives them pleasure, because this is all there is. Islam and primitive religions teach people to just put up and shut up. Buddhism and Hinduism teach people to ignore suffering by detaching from the material world.

Judaism comes closest to Christianity in that the Jews accept suffering as an inexplicable part of being the chosen people of God. But only Christianity plunges into the depth of the suffering, wrestles with the darkness and comes out the other side, bloodied but triumphant, with a solution to the problem of suffering.

His name is Jesus Christ, the only perfect man who ever has or ever will live, the God-man who suffered and died on Good Friday, then rose again on Easter Sunday.

Because of His sacrifice, suffering and death forever lost their power over us. If we follow Him, we will live forever in a perfect world where there is no suffering or pain or sadness or death.


Based on a meditation by Fr. Dwight Longenecker @


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