Getting Old Stinks

A policeman came across an old man sitting on a bench, sobbing.
Cop: What’s the matter, buddy?
Old man: I’ve got so many troubles I don’t know what to do!
Cop: Well, tell me about it. Maybe it’ll make you feel better.
Old man: I was married to my wife for 48 years. She passed away last year. A few months ago I met a beautiful 25 year old blonde. We moved in together and we have wild sex twice a day.
Cop: That’s doesn’t sound bad at all. What’s the problem?
Old man: I can’t remember where we live!

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  1. Yeah, I really needed these. I’ve been feeling the years lately. Problems of health, finance, family. At least I still have my… what was I saying?

    I try to remember to stay thankful, so the Almighty doesn’t get too fed up with the constant begging, whining, and faithless, fearful freaking out that passes for prayer for me.

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