CODEPINK demands JROTC removal from High Schools

JROTC: What is it like?

CODEPINK — who knew THEY were still around? — is demanding the end to the JROTC program in schools, all in the name of saving children from gun violence.

Yeah. That makes total sense. Not.

During the slaughter at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, several of the Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps cadets acted heroically to save the lives of their classmates.

Three of them, Cadets Peter Wang (15), Alaina Petty (14) and Martin Duque (13), were gunned down during their rescue efforts and were accorded various military honors when they were laid to rest.

Push back against CODEPINK has been strong, particularly from parents whose children have benefited from JROTC programs.




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2 responses to “CODEPINK demands JROTC removal from High Schools

  1. Ting

    My daughter is a guidance counselor at a rural high school and JROTC is so important to that community. Their budget was cut by $40,000 for next year, but the locals stepped up and made up the difference. So many of those kids will never be able to afford college, but the military is seen as a very good option for the future, and the discipline of the program helps them cope in the present.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I was very impressed by the gal whose JROTC led to her getting a full scholarship at university AND cutting a year off her time there. That’s a LOT of money! We didn’t have JROTC here, but one of my daughters got a $65K signing bonus when she enlisted as a senior in college. It paid off her school loans. My other dd enlisted after she got her Associates, did 4 years in uniform, then got 4 years of college paid for. She has a Masters degree, no school loans, and she and her hubby were able to buy a house with zero money down and very low interest on the mortgage.

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