The Downfall of Delusional America

2018_03 Trump Wall

The enemy is the Press.

The great and lasting good the Trump Presidency will do, with consequences reaching farther than any other policy, change, or legislation this Administration will accomplish, is to break down the smothering wall of falsehood so long erected around the mental plantation of the victims and perpetrators of Political Correctness.  Shattering that wall is as monumental an act as shattering the Berlin Wall.

The Trump has taken a sledgehammer to that wall with just two words: Fake News.

Freeing the economy from the insanity of over regulation, appointing judges respectful of the Constitution and its wording, deterring foes abroad and regaining control of immigration at home, are all of them good things with good short term consequences. But all this pales in comparison to the long-term consequences of freeing the minds of an entire generation of Americans from the sticky webbing of delirium and falsehood deceiving their eyes and deadening their souls.

I do not exaggerate when I liken the downfall of the Fake News hegemony to the fall of the Berlin Wall. The News in America was and is an evil empire. It is just as devoted to socialist totalitarianism, show trials, and false narratives as the Soviet Union. The sole difference is that it is maintained by words, not by swords.

Like the fall of the Soviet Union, the collapse will come with shocking suddenness. Lies do not erode; they evaporate. When the Berlin Wall of Fake News falls … not even rubble will be left.

Delusional America is nothing but a bad dream. It will vanish when it goes like a bad dream. Men will wake, and gaze at each other with strange laughter, and wonder why for so long they so pliantly let themselves be lied to, and lied about. Why did we tolerate and support for so many years a news media that told so many lies, that hated us so much?

Even with his other accomplishments and victories left aside, this alone will award Donald Trump the right to say that he made America great again.

From “The Downfall of Delusional America: Assessing the Legacy of Trump” by John C. Wright, as published in Maga 2020 & Beyond, edited by Rennie, Witzke, & Fontaine [2017]. Pages 160-161.

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