Forewarned Is Forearmed

When I woke up Wednesday morning and saw that the race in PA-18 was too close to call, I knew Lamb was going to win. Democrats never lose close races…never. You have to be outside the margin that they can get away with cheating in order to prevail. Ballot stuffing, discounting overseas ballots, and precincts with 200 registered voters reporting more than a thousand ballots. All in a day’s work when you have no positive message.

Republicans Say PA Voting Machines ‘Miscalibrated’, Saccone Votes Changed To Lamb

Among the listed concerns are “miscalibrated” voting machines in Allegheny County, the only county of four in the district that went for Lamb, according to the source, who said there have been many reports of voters who intended to vote for Saccone ending up casting a ballot for Lamb.
Furthermore, Republicans say their attorneys were ejected from polling sites as the absentee ballots were still being counted and that due to confusion caused by the Pennsylvania secretary of state website people were directed to the wrong polling locations.

The Democrats went back to Rahm Emanuel’s recipe for winning back the House in 2006…pick local candidates and have them run 10 miles to the right of Ronald Reagan. Lamb had family ties in the district and ran as a pro-tariff, pro-life, pro-gun patriot. He even ran a campaign ad holding an AR 15. Not many Democrats can get away with that. Of course, when he gets to his office in DC he’ll be greeted by some officials who will remind him he’s a Democrat. Just do what he’s told and the party will back him and he can make some good money. They also have the most potent weapon possible, a media that will cover for him and attack his opponents with no basis.

What may or may not be a surprise is that RINO Paul Ryan’s PAC backed the Democrat in this race:
In the most astonishingly bone-headed move since nominating Mitt Romney for President, the GOP establishment spent major cash to help elect Democrat Conor Lamb in last night’s highly contested PA-18 special election.
Yes, you read that right. Failed Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan and his Congressional Leadership Fund pushed a Democrat to victory over a Republican with direct mail advertising touting support “for our Second Amendment Rights.”

What it comes down to is this may be a harbinger of the midterm disaster awaiting the Republican party. The Democrat party has flipped almost 40 straight seats this year. Maybe special elections don’t draw much interest, or maybe Republican voters are becoming complacent since they hold all three branches. What is clear is that the GOP elite have shown that conservatives mean nothing to them. They sat around for a year, doing nothing to repeal and replace Obamacare. It wasn’t until the last days of the session they hastily got a tax reform done so they had something to show the folks back home. Whether the base comes out or not remains to be seen.
One thing is certain: the left has a singular maniacal obsession…get Trump. Nothing else matters. One gets nightmares thinking of that brain-addled whore Nancy Pelosi once again holding the speaker’s gavel. Maxine Waters, impeachment articles written a month earlier, dancing in the aisle, waving the paper in one hand and her cheap wig in the other, jumping and spinning like she had a rabid squirrel in her girdle. The inmates will have retaken the asylum.
The sad part is I doubt many of the Republicans would care. Leading is much harder than just sitting back, spouting platitudes about what they’d do, only if.
Most of them never liked Trump anyway, so what difference does it make?
We better make damn sure we’re ready; the Democrats sure will be.

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  1. Ting

    I don’t know why the GOP can still surprise me. I should be used to their treachery by now. The Dems never surprise me. I expect it. But somehow I still seem to have managed to hold out a little bit of hope that the GOP will do the right thing. And then they disappoint, as usual. I want Trump to get his agenda accomplished in full. So I guess the GOP is the only way to even have a chance at it, but it’s not looking too good there.