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This guy makes a VERY excellent point

They don’t want to have a real gun conversation
Half a dozen of those “horrible monsters who just want kids to die” are outstanding parents who happen to be very near and dear to me. So anybody who thinks bad-mouthing gun owners is going to make me sympathetic to the anti-gun agenda has another think coming. (N.b., this video won’t embed. You have to click on the title and go watch it at YouTube. It’s only 4 minutes long and well worth your while.)

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Hillary is not well

She wasn’t well during the campaign either. Whatever else you might say about President Trump, at least he’s healthy enough to do the job.

Mar 12, 2018: Hillary Clinton nearly falls down stairs in India — twice!


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A Word from Stilton

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MASCOT UPDATE: Visit to the Ice Park

One of the cool things about living in Alaska!

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Health Care Workers Deserve Conscience Protection

2018_03 13 Conscience Protection Act graphic

The Conscience Protection Act is being voted on this week. Critical legislation that would protect health care workers from choosing between their job and supporting abortions. Please take a minute to visit website and learn more and/or also to send an email to your representative asking them to vote in favor of protecting this right.


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