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This is wild!

This guy says that, six years ago, God told him Donald Trump would become President of the United States. At around 2:48 in the video, a woman familiar with the prophecy says she asked God for confirmation and that He told her to watch the 2016 Belmont Stakes. At the end of that race, a horse named “Creator” beat a horse named “Destin” in a photo finish. Like … God’s candidate beat the woman the world said was DESTINED to be our next president.  Wild!!

2016 Belmont Stakes


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Liberal Hypocrisy, Part Eleventy-Seven

Remember when Obama said he’d meet with ANYBODY without preconditions and the Leftists swooned about him talking to Castro? Compare their reaction to NoKo.

Trump Cures Cancer

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MASCOT UPDATE: Ready to go out now, Mama!

Bootz put his boots on all by himself, then came to ask Mama Buzz for help with his parka. Maybe we should’ve named him Pantz? LOL

2018_03 10 Alex pantless

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