Russia’s 2016 Effort

2018_02 20 Putin's contribution by Terrell

The Russian effort to disrupt our last presidential election cost them millions of dollars and succeeding only in wasting our time and money on the Mueller investigation, as Democrats tried — and failed — to find grounds for impeaching President Trump.

One thing the Russians did was advertise rallies for and against a particular issue at the same time and place, hoping the proximity of opposing groups would provoke violence.

The plan’s only semi-success was in Houston when two Russian fake groups, “The Heart of Texas” and “United Muslims of America”, had opposing rallies that attracted a total of 60 protesters who did get a tad testy with one another.  One side was even armed … with a bubble-making machine.

Another thing the Russians did was post ads on social media, but they were so bad at it, that only 44% of the total ads they paid for were displayed before the election and about 25% were never seen by anyone at all.

Plus, the ads were so stupid and over-the-top that the only voters who would have liked them were thinking that way anyhow.  E.g., one showed Hillary Clinton as the devil boxing with Jesus Christ, while another showed a buff and muscular Bernie Sanders.


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