The 3 Types of People Who Secretly Enjoy Being Miserable

#1. Martyr

C.S. Lewis said you could tell this sort of person a mile off. They live for others; you can tell the others by their hunted looks. When these people are not appreciated as much as they wish, or even worse, when someone tells them to stop being such  busybodies, they get to enjoy feeling hurt and wounded.

#2. Drama Queen

This person is always more talented, more sensitive, more spiritual, more intuitive, more artistic, more athletic, more whatever than everyone else. When they are underappreciated for their genius, they get to enjoy feeling lonely and misunderstood.

#3. Skeptic

This is the old-fashioned “glass is half empty” person. They always see what is wrong, what is missing, or what doesn’t or won’t work. These people are basically driven by fear; being critical makes them they feel safe.

Four types of people

What if you are NOT one of these people, but you KNOW people who are?

Can you change them? Not really. Mostly, they like being miserable. However, you can try to understand their foibles and love them unconditionally. It helps to remember (a) they are probably blind to their faults and (b) love isn’t something you feel, but something you do. (Read 1 Corinthians 13.)

And what if you ARE one of these people and you WANT to change?

  1. If you’re a Faux Martyr, back off and do something for yourself. You’re not indispensable. Chill out. Go on a retreat. Learn how to truly listen and be alone with God.
  2. If you’re a Drama Queen, get off the stage and do stuff that’s ordinary. You don’t have to be a tragedian to be worth something. God loves you just as you are. Your self-dramatization doesn’t impress him — and that’s okay.
  3. If you’re a Skeptic, have more trust in God. He loves you. Don’t be so afraid to find the good He puts in your life.


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