2018_02 16 Mia Farrow tweet


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2 responses to “Bwahahahahaha!

  1. Mia Farrow… Miaaa Farroooow…

    Didn’t she get shot up real good along with that fellah from the Dobie Gillis show, in that wretched movie… oh, now, wait – that was Faye Dunaway.

    Oh, yeah. now I remember. Briefly Mrs. Frank Sinatra.

    We all should care about what she tweets because… ummm…


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    • chrissythehyphenated

      She’s made a bunch of movies, but I think I saw maybe one of them. She was married to Frank Sinatra for 2 years, then Andre Previn for 9 years, then shacked up with, but never married, Woody Allen for 13 years. The one thing she seems to have done well, or at least often, is accumulate kids. She’s got 14 total; 4 birth, 10 adopted.

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