The Other FISA Scandal

Obama Media Cheerleaders toon

Excerpts from Andrew Klavan:

America’s news centers did everything within their power to suppress, taint, and minimize the impact of the FISA memo, even before they knew what was in it.

The memo represents just one more jigsaw piece in a picture of the Obama administration as a Chicago-style Democratic machine rife with cronyism and abuse of power, a machine to which the media closed its eyes.

We know this. It’s not conjecture.

  • We know that Obama’s IRS made successful efforts to silence conservative voices during the president’s reelection campaign.
  • We know that the IRS also targeted Jewish groups that supported Israel.
  • We know that Obama appointed an attorney general who styled himself the president’s “wing-man . . . there with my boy.”
  • We know that Obama appointed another attorney general who held a secret meeting with Bill Clinton while Hillary Clinton was under investigation.
  • And now we begin to learn that the Obama Justice Department may have colluded with a Democrat’s campaign to spy on a Republican’s.

Obama misled us about much of this and more while journalists kowtowed to, flattered, and ultimately raved about the administration being “scandal-free.”

The press sacrificed its credibility with eight years of willful blindness. That’s the real scandal here, and it’s beginning to come out.


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