Seven To Do List Mistakes

2018_02 04 To do list

1. Writing The List In The Morning

Writing the list at the end of the day allows you to leave work behind and transition into personal time. When you have settled on what tomorrow will look like, you can forget about work and give your whole self to your loved ones.

2. Including Too Many Tasks

Limit your list to tasks you can realistically accomplish in the three to six good hours of work most of us have each day.  If you’re bad at estimating how long things take, write your best guess next to each item when you make the list.  When you complete each task, note how long it took.  This will guide you in making future estimates more accurate.

3. Including Someday Items

Daily to-do lists should be focused. If you have a big project that will take many days, weeks, or months, make a comprehensive project plan in which you break the giant task down into small, daily-do-able tasks.  As your daily schedule allows, transfer these small tasks one-by-one to your daily to-do list.  At the end of a day when you complete one of these small task, you get to cross it off TWO lists. 🙂

4. Treating Each Item Equally

If it’s not a priority, it should not be on your daily to-do list. If you have too many priority items, delegate. If you’ve got non-priority items you would like to get to if your day allows time, make a separate Round Tuit list.

5. Not Being Specific

When writing your list, be as specific as you can be, so that when you’re taking on a task on the fly, you won’t have to waste time thinking how to do it.  You can just get it done.  Big picture words like “plan,” “implement,” and “develop” should only appear in the titles of your project plans.

6. Using The Same List Until It’s Done

Every evening, go over that day’s to-do list. Pat yourself on the back for how much you accomplished and note where you under-estimated the time a task would take or where you should have delegated a task. Then make a fresh list for the next day.

7. Not Linking Your List And Calendar

Coordinate your appointments calendar and your to-do list so you don’t sabotage your to-do plans by forgetting how much time has already been committed.


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