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AMNESTY for unborn

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Wow … I never expected THIS from the MSM

Pig flying coach

CBS News: “Viewers Approve of Trump’s First SOTU Address

CBS poll showed “three in four Americans who tuned in to President Trump’s State of the Union address tonight approved of the speech he gave.”

CNBC: “Pay Gains Under Trump Best Since the Great Recession”

“President Donald Trump’s first full year in office saw gains that easily outdistanced any year for his predecessor.”

CNN: “Trump was the grown up in the room”

“President Donald Trump has become the voice of bipartisanship and cooperation in Washington, while Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have taken a decidedly negative tone on major issues — chiefly immigration.” President Trump “hit the right notes on the economy and used invited guests to effectively to tell the story that Republicans want to tell — this presidency is keeping promises, revving up the economy, and keeping us safe.”

NBC News: “Democrats’ response to Trump proves they aren’t interested in improving American lives”

“The Democrats last night could hardly bring themselves to acknowledge the benefits that Trump’s administration has provided American families. … The American people are finally being fully represented and the American Dream is alive and well again. We have made major strides in America’s comeback, even as the Democrats are simply warming their own seats.”


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BREAKING: Democrat Legislators to Receive H Devices!

H pins will be presented soon to those Democrat Snowflake Medalists who bravely attended President Trump’s recent State of the Union speech and managed to keep their scowls fixed, applause non-existent, and butts seated even when he announced record-breaking good news for the American economy, including an historic low unemployment rate for black Americans.

Special Snowflake Medal with H Device


H/t and apologies to bluebird of bitterness who originally posted these toons in “Friday funnies.” I had the idea for the “H” device addition, so pshopped the graphic and absconded with the related toons.

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Church History: Saints Sixtus and Lawrence

Saints Sixtus and Lawrence

Emperor Valerian had initially been peaceable toward the Christian Church. But in 257, after he had become paranoid that his friendliness had angered the gods, he instituted a violent persecution that lasted for three years and six months.

St. Sixtus II was elected to the papacy in secret on August 30, 257. He was known for being a “good and peaceful priest,” according to Pontius, his biographer.

On August 6, 258, imperial soldiers caught Pope Sixtus II celebrating an illegal Mass in a chapel in the catacombs. To prevent massacre of the faithful, Sixtus and his deacons surrendered. Sixtus was beheaded the same day.

Lawrence, one of his deacons, was martyred four days later, on August 10, 258. Legend has it that, while being grilled alive, he told his executioners, “Turn me over. I’m done on this side.”

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Friday funnies


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