Do Not Call Registry – UPDATED

There’s been a hoax circulating on the net that cell phone numbers are going to be made available to telemarketers. That part is NOT true. However, the phone number for the Do Not Call Registry, which is included in these notices, is real and it’s super easy to get your land and/or cell phones listed. I just did both mine and it took about 2 minutes total.

Do Not Call Registry

3 Things You Need To Know About the Do Not Call Registry

Includes who is and who is not allowed to call you after you register.


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2 responses to “Do Not Call Registry – UPDATED

  1. al

    and it does not prevent or reduce the callers, nor give you any recourse. just a waste of time to make you feel better for a minute


  2. rednig

    Works for me, again. I got two calls since, one asking about clening the rugs, and the other a scammer telling me I was in dire trouble with the law: Please call this number. If you do, they can get a lot of information from you. Instead, I back-checked and found it to be an actual scammer with a lot of warnings, and posted the number where everyone could access it.