Love Will End Abortion

Dearest attended the March for Life in Ithaca, NY, which began at Immaculate Conception Church (where I was confirmed) and ended across the street from Planned Parenthood.  They’re standing in front of the plumbing store that is now in the structure my parents had built when they operated Cullen Sporting Goods. Here are a few images.

2018_01 19 Ithaca March 1

This clinic does medical and first trimester surgical abortions.  I’m SO glad it wasn’t there the two years I lived in the house next door to my parents’ business.

2018_01 19 Ithaca March 2

Please take a moment to admire Dearest’s new sheepskin-lined, leather trapper hat. It is his Valentine’s present from me.  I gave it to him early cuz his head was cold now. 🙂

2018_01 19 Ithaca March 3 - DBC



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