The Left Has Gone Over the Cliff

Feminist you are silencing me toon

It has been bizarre to watch the transgender activists face off with the feminists, who are realizing that feminism is essentially an outdated dogma in a world where men can become women on a whim—and even win female awards, indicating that they are better at being women than biological women.

This face-off has even turned physical in a few instances, such as when trans activists and radical feminists brawled in London’s Hyde Park last fall. More recently in Canada, feminists were outraged when a male-born trans woman was elected leader of Quebec’s largest women’s rights group. …

But that’s nothing compared to the outrage being generated by the decision of whoever is running the Vancouver Women’s March to invite a rather strange speaker: Hailey Heartless, a male sex worker who calls himself a “transsexual professional dominatrix” and styles himself as a female feminist LGBTQ activist and advocate for legalized prostitution.

Vancouver writer Meghan Murphy headed over to Twitter to express disbelief:

“Seriously?? The Women’s March in Vancouver is bringing on a male ‘dominatrix’ as a speaker this year. What does this have to do with women and women’s liberation from male violence?? Unbelievable and incredibly disappointing.”



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3 responses to “The Left Has Gone Over the Cliff

  1. I guess when you have men like Bradley Manning and Bruce Jenner becoming women that feminism is pretty much obsolete. Are they more or less equal than they were before?

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I can see why it makes feminazis completely insane that men pretending to be women are celebrated. It’s like society is saying, “Hey, men are even better at being women!”

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  2. red

    All part of the liberals’ mile high cliff of lies. With each new lie by a liberal master, liberals dress in lemming suits to race to the top and dive off. You can tell they land on their heads, nothing much above the eyebrows. But, even after that, THEY’RE OFF!