It Happens Every Year

This is MLK’s birthday, a national holiday. It is also the day when the Democrats’ blatant hypocrisy is raised to a new level. They use King’s memory to suck up to the useful idiots who are unaware they’re being sold a complete bill of goods. Every other day of the year they stand four-square against everything he stood for. Were he still alive he’d be treated like Justice Thomas, Senator Tim Scott, and every other black who has left the plantation.
But for this one day they invoke his memory, spout platitudes, and preach about living his “dream,” all while spouting hatred for anyone of the wrong color or ideology.


30 Seconds After Trump Signs MLK Day, Reporter Shouts, “Are You a Racist?”

President Donald Trump on Friday signed a proclamation to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, saying it is a day to mourn his loss, celebrate his legacy and pledge to fight for his dream of equality, freedom, justice and peace.

Thirty seconds later, WH Correspondent April Ryan shouted, “Are you a racist?”  As President Trump was exiting the signing ceremony, another reporter yelled ‘sh*thole’ at him.

Lifes good‏
Hey April Ryan Are you a Racist ?? You are a hateful, rude, disrespectful reporter who never gets the facts right. If anyone’s racist it’s April Ryan!

FilthyPig #Aprilryan has the temerity to yell at POTUS such a revolting ludicrous disgusting piece of slanderous libel it IS SHOCKING!

‘Mr. President, Are You a Racist’
if it was Obama=reporter banned for life, drummed out of profession

Two sourpuss Dems will childishly skip the State of the Union; surely Trump is devastated by the news

House Democrats Maxine Waters and John Lewis will skip President Trump’s first State of the Union address because they’re furious that he allegedly called some impoverished, crime-riddled African nations “sh*tholes.”

“I don’t trust him, I don’t appreciate him, and I wouldn’t waste my time listening to what he has to say,” Waters fumed to MSNBC. “He does not deserve my attention.”

At this point, it really makes no difference that Waters, 79, and Lewis, 77, continue to flout their duties by skipping presidential addresses and meetings. President Trump is moving along with his agenda despite widespread Democratic obstruction.


Both Waters and Lewis will have to answer to their constituents as to why they’re sitting at home, collecting their paychecks from taxpayers, while not doing their jobs. The State of the Union address is set for January 30.


CNN Says Socialism Is ‘Cool’ In MLK Day Tweet

CNN declared that MLK was an “environmental hero” and a socialist, “before it was cool,” in a tweet Monday morning.

The tweet was sent from the main CNN account with almost 40 million followers. The adjoining article in the tweet was entitled ‘Three ways MLK speaks to our time’ and features a breakdown of MLK’s relevance in today’s political climate.
The article describes how some historians classify MLK as a socialist, and goes on to make the case that socialism is very hip these days for youths who “are developing a distrust of capitalism.”

[CtH: And by “developing”, they really mean “having it spoon fed to them by leftist teachers.”]

Dr. Alveda King Counters Trump ‘Racism’ Claims, Slams Facebook for Blocking Pro-Life Message

“Just now … [Trump signed] the bill that was sponsored by Congressman John Lewis making the Martin Luther King Jr. historic site in Atlanta a national park — the first park to be named after an African-American man,” King continued.

She defended the president against a rash of new “racism” accusations supposedly stemming from vulgar remarks Democratic staffers are claiming Trump made about third-world countries that send the United States massive numbers of immigrants.

[CtH: She’s about as popular with Democrats as Clarence Thomas is and as her uncle would be if he were alive today, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and proclaiming an end to judging people by their skin color.]

Mitt Romney Uses Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to Attack Donald Trump

Romney wrote: “The poverty of an aspiring immigrant’s nation of origin is as irrelevant as their race. The sentiment attributed to POTUS is inconsistent w/ America’s history and antithetical to American values. May our memory of Dr. King buoy our hope for unity, greatness, & ‘charity for all.’”

Last summer, Romney criticized President Trump’s response to violence in Charlottesville, accusing him of moral equivalence between neo-Nazis and those opposing “racism and bigotry” — but without noting that the latter had disrupted a lawful, permitted protest.

Democrats accused Romney himself of racism when he ran for president in 2012, particularly when he accused Barack Obama supporters of voting for “free stuff,” and when he joked that “no one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate.”


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  1. Pistol Pete

    Watch President Trump’s Martin Luther King Day Message
    President Donald Trump released a video message commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. day across the U.S. Monday.


  2. Pistol Pete

    POLLAK: On Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Democrats Use Racism with Impunity×480.png?ssl=1&w=450
    Last week, an American political leader used race explicitly in an effort to win a policy debate over immigration.
    Rather, the explicit reference to race came from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who told her weekly news conference that the people negotiating about a deal on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program were “five white guys.”

    Pelosi’s exact words were: “The five white guys I call them, you know,” adding: “Are they going to open a hamburger stand next or what?”

    Her racist remarks were met with very little resistance.
    Durbin knew exactly what he was doing when he leaked, or distorted, the president’s remarks. He was confirming Trump’s image in the minds of his critics, mobilizing forces of fear and division — such that a black librarian could tell the Los Angeles Times on Sunday that Trump would “love to take us back all the way to slavery.”

    For the left, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is not about its hero, but about a new villain. They are incapable of looking within.