FAKE NEWS: The Wall Street Journal?

Of all the news sources I never would’ve suspected …

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit says the WSJ has been hating on Trump since he announced his intention to run for president.

On Friday, the WSJ published a report that Trump associates paid off a former porn star after a fling with Donald Trump in 2006.

There is no proof. There is no evidence. It is all hearsay. Trump denies it. His lawyer denies.  EVEN THE PORN STAR DENIES IT.

2018_01 10 Stormy Daniels refutes WSJ claim

CNN and the liberal news media ran with the salacious story anyway.

Hoft continued, exposing another WSJ lie — i.e., that Trump said he has a good relationship with Kim Jong Un. What the president actually said was that he WOULD have one, not that he DID have one.

Doesn’t it kind of expose the whole “Trump just cares about big business” meme as a Big Fat Lie, given that the WSJ is so ANTI-Trump?



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  1. Ting

    It’s not just the WSJ – it’s Fox, too. The are both owned by NewsCorp.

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  2. Stormy’s note was awfully well done. Thorough, to the point, praising Trump, even getting a plug in for her book. Other actresses could take a cue from this sharp gal. Maybe I should web-search on her… 😯 her book, I mean. Yeah.

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