2018_01 14 Distractions tweet

It also took everyone’s minds off all the bonuses and new jobs coming from Trump/GOP tax cuts.


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  1. I’m preparing a post for later today about a discussion that I had with a friend of my son yesterday. He is the first person in NYC that I have engaged in a discussion about Donald Trump since the President won.

    I can honestly tell you that this mindless moonbat proved my point every step of the way. These stupid American voters would rather be distracted with fake news and lies which they willingly spread amongst each other as fact. The dummies loved the distraction.

    Don’t know who this fool is talking to but he actually told me that “THEY would rather put a Black man in office OVER a woman and you see how ‘THEY’ put Trump in over Hillary.”

    This fool is not even close.

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  2. Well, stupid DJ must be the exception because the one thing that he hasn’t forgotten about Trump are the tax cuts which leads me to believe that stupid American voters are being selectively, STUPID.