CNN’s Ana Navarro sent out this ageist, sexist, racist tweet.

2018_01 07 Ana Navarro tweet

Turns out, Navarro is also a Big Fat Photoshopping Lying Liar.

2018_01 07 Original photo




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3 responses to “FAKE NEWS: CNN does it AGAIN

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Paul Sperry of The New York Post says an ex-Trump campaign advisor told him prominent DC journalists admitted to him DURING the campaign they KNEW Hillary Clinton was behind the Russia dossier yet they continued to report as if the salacious document was legit intelligence!


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  2. hocuspocus13

    …and PS

    Last I read

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders


    Betsy DeVos

    Were there also

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  3. Navarro went ageist, too – the Trifecta! (Oprah didn’t even get that with her “racism will end when all the old white people die.” Forgot to specify old white men.)

    In the “three fingers pointing back at you” department, folks don’t realize that pointing out the ethnic/sex nose-counts utterly speaks to the racism/sexism of the nose-counters! Non-racists/-sexists are looking at other factors, relevant factors, like qualification and character.

    But, what can I say about it? Not that I ever think about it, but, after all, I’m one of those old, privileged, white Anglo-Saxon Protestant (remember “WASP”?) males, so naturally I wouldn’t notice the quasi-conscious selective bias that keeps qualified non-whites/-males out of positions of power.

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