Winter Skies in Fairbanks

Winter in Alaska has always evoked thoughts of cold temperatures, lots of snow, and long, long nights. What I never thought about was what the skies look like during the short days when the sun never rises above that low, color-making angle that we only see briefly at dawn and dusk.

Mama Buzz took these from the car, but says, “My phone does not do our skies justice! The colors are so amazing!!!!! When the big kids are back in school, I’m hoping to take Bootz out for some drives with my good camera and tripod.”

I hope she does, cuz if these don’t do the sky justice, I want to see what does!

2018_01 02 Sunset 250 pm Fairbanks b2018_01 02 Sunset 250 pm Fairbanks c2018_01 03 Fairbanks sky2018_01 02 Sunset 250 pm Fairbanks a

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