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Three years ago, a medical office in Manassas, Virginia, was one of the area’s largest abortion facilities. Today, it is a free medical clinic for the poor, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Temperatures dipped below 40 degrees Fahrenheit early Thursday in parts of South Florida. That’s chilly enough to immobilize green iguanas common in Miami’s suburbs. Folks are posting pics of iguanas that have fallen out of the trees in their yards. Wildlife experts say to just leave them alone. They’re not dead, just immobilized by the cold.

FEMA is finally eliminating its “no disaster relief to religious organizationspolicy.

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Step Away from the Keyboard

Ron Fournier (former Washington AP bureau chief) inadvertently outed his own corrupt peeps.

2018_01 03 Fournier tweets

Tweeters commented:

  • That’s the problem.
  • I’m glad you didn’t include “report the news” on your list.
  • [Narrator] That’s not really journalism, Sparky.
  • This is the exact opposite of what journalism should be.
  • They don’t get into it to report facts?
  • Force change? I’m not sure that’s your job.
  • Save the sanctimony. You’re supposed to report the news.
  • So what you’re saying is they are agenda driven activists? Thanks for clarifying.
  • With all due respect, we don’t want activism, we want real factual news.
  • 95% of you people don’t even take economics or business courses, but pontificate on tax reform.
  • That must be why so many journalists are so sh*tty at reporting the news. Why don’t they go into politics instead, if that’s what they really want to do?
  • We would like “journalists” to report what happens, then let us decide how we feel about it.
  • It’s no wonder the public distrusts the media. People don’t want lectures from the press.
  • “[When journalists] attempt to be politicians, we can only point out to them that they are not as yet even good journalists.” –G.K. Chesterton

2016_10 30 Iowahawk journalists tweet


Heretic by G.K. Chesterton: Free ebook

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G.K. Chesterton on Humility

HUMILITY by Chesterton

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