Mascot New Year’s Eve

Mama and Bunny got the 2018 calendar ready.  Mama says, “She keeps reading different events and wanting me to write them in the new calendar, but she’s not understanding that I don’t know if/when we will go to a Halloween party in October, and so I don’t want to write one in, lol!”

2017_12 31 Bunny gets 2018 calendar ready


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  1. chrissythehyphenated

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  2. May blessings of heath, wealth, and joy trickle into your and your family’s life all year long, chrissy. And alla y’all PoliNators.

    I hope nobody minds if I post a pic of the greatest blessing MIlady and I had in 2017 (if this works):

    Top that, 2018!

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