BAD news for Democrat identity politics

Multiple ethnicities

Americans who self-identify as Hispanic are more aligned with Democrats and, since this group is growing as a percentage of our population, many Democrats think they’ll gain a significant advantage over Republicans in coming years.

They’re wrong for two reasons.

  • The first is intermarriage. A quarter of all Latinos marry someone non-Latino. My father-in-law was the product of a Latino-Irish marriage. He considered himself primarily American and was equally devoted to Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Patrick.
  • The second is the tendency of ethnic identity to fade with each new generation of Americans. A Pew study found that, by the fourth generation, only a quarter of of those with some Hispanic ancestry self-identified as Hispanic.

William Jacobson points out that intermarriage and fading self-identification across generations are both good for America. I think the threat they pose to the future of the Democrats’ divisive politics is great for America.



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  1. red

    I agree. I lived for years in a Dominican/Mexican ‘hood, and most are so conservative, they squeak. Talk to them about the issues and you find most are more interested in stopping abortion than teaching small children how to use a condom, using a pedophile to do that. They do not see normal in most dem politicos, and many fear America is going right where their home-nations are today. Show them how it is doing just that. If you get a curandero to listen, he spreads that among his followers and most will not vote dor another dem. I saw it in Hazleton, where the Republican mayoral candidate won hands-down against the dem, who was thought to be a shoe-in. Mr. Barletta went on to be voted in as Penn’s Congressman from his district–again, against all odds. Hispanics did that. Many voted for Trump, as well, because they do not want more PRI/DNC style government. No, do not ask who they voted for. If they think you’re a dem, they will give a small white lie to comfort you. They, like anyone else, want the criminals returned to their home nations, not allowed to roam freely attacking any and all they find.