2017_12 Twitter Trump's laser pointer PN

Trump tweeted about the record-breaking cold spell.

2017_12 28 Trump tweets re cold

Suddenly, after decades of reporting every extreme weather event as the result of global climate change, reporters deemed it necessary to remind the American public that there’s climate change, and then there’s weather.

2017_12 28 CNN tweets about climate

  • Ryan Struyk CNN: This is a jaw-dropping misunderstanding of what climate change is…
  • Dan Merica CNN: A reminder that President Trump’s tweets are to be treated as official White House statements… so the official White House position is that global warming could be a good thing.
  • Jeremy Diamond CNN: Looks like our President still fundamentally misunderstands what global warming is. Or is misleading those who don’t understand the science.

There were more, but you get the idea.


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