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Christ the Savior is born

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Angels we have heard on high

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Feeble Resistance

Shocked by Donald Trump’s election, Democrats adopted a strategy of resistance that’s simple and blunt: Anything Trump is for, they’re against.

2017_12 22 Brit Hume Chuck Schumer

It’s turned out to be one of the least successful strategies a political party has ever pursued. But Democrats have stuck to it.

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Eye Roll

My family is away today (our holiday together will begin tomorrow), so I’m going to do something uber tacky and post politics on Christmas. Cut me some slack, please. It’s just me and the dog here and I need the distraction.

Poor Bernie. He hates the tax cuts. He and all his Dem cronies voted against them. But they’re really popular and will almost certainly turn out to be a very good thing for the economy and disposition of the nation.

What’s a socialist to do? Prepare to eye roll.

During a CNN interview with Jake Tapper, he actually said OUT LOUD, that the tax cuts are “a very good thing. And that’s why we should’ve made the tax cuts for the middle class permanent.”

Yeah. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure. That’s why you VOTED AGAINST THEM, RIGHT?! Tweeters responded:

  • Bernie, you don’t get to take credit for the tax bill you claimed would only help rich ppl.
  • April Fools right? THIS man is trying to tell us that he believes in tax cuts? ROFL
  • And yet not 1 Democrat voted for the bill. Hmm.
  • Bernie Sanders wants the tax cuts permanent? Jeeze man why didn’t you speak up?
  • Looking forward to him campaigning on this and working with Ryan/McConnell to make that happen.
  • 2018 will top 2017 for surprises, as Bernie Sanders switches from Socialist to Republican.

2017_12 24 Tweet about Bernie



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From All of Us to All of You

This Christmas feels so different from the past eight years. We have a president who loves God and respects those who can’t be with loved ones because they’re defending us in foreign lands. Please remember him in your prayers on this holiest of all days. He needs us behind him 100%.


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